Experience the epitome of accuracy and efficiency with our shearing service, a solution crafted for industries that demand immaculate precision in metal cutting. Whether you're working with sheets of steel, aluminium, or other metals, our specialised shearing service is designed to meet your unique fabrication needs 12mm thick and up to 3m long.

Our state-of-the-art shearing equipment, operated by skilled technicians, ensures clean, straight cuts with minimal distortion. We understand that the quality of metal cutting is crucial to the success of your project, and our shearing service is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

From small-scale projects to large-scale industrial applications, our shearing service offers a versatile solution for a wide range of materials and thicknesses. We pride ourselves on efficiency, providing quick turnaround times without compromising on the precision and quality of each cut.

Whether you require custom-sized metal sheets for manufacturing or need precise cuts for intricate components, our shearing service is your trusted partner. Embrace the accuracy of our cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our team as we shear through metal with finesse, elevating the standard of precision in every project.


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Revolutionising Finishing Touches: The New Era of Spray Booths
Welcome to J.Harper & Sons, a premier welding and fabrication company with a rich legacy dating back to our establishment in 1946. For over three generations, we have been at the forefront of delivering exceptional welding and fabrication solutions, blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

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